Release Agents

Variety with Individuality is our Philosophy

Our Release Agents come in a variety of different packaging sizes and are suitable for using in bakeries or in industry.

We offer the KEG release agent spraying system for ultra-efficient working with release agents. The spraying system guarantees that all processes are clean and do not generate mist. The environmentally-friendly reusable KEG drum ensures that unnecessary packaging costs are avoided.

Our release agent is also available in a practical spray can for small companies, kitchens and bakery shops.

Our range of baking materials include:
release agents, jellies and BB20 pastry improvers. Our in-house production and filling systems enable us to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products. Our production and logistics teams ensure smooth and on-schedule deliveries.

Bio Trennmittel

Biological Release Agents

Our bio release agents meet the strict requirements for ecologically produced foodstuffs and therefore can be identified with the bio seal …

Trennspray Formen

Mould Release Agents

Very high adhesive properties and very strong. Suitable for sandwich loaf tins, toast moulds, strapped tins or moulds for white bread. Excellent visibility in the mould.

Trennmittel Lochblech

Release Agents for Trays and Perforated Trays

Specifically for trays and perforated trays, excellent for tray cleaning machines, as well as ideally suitable for long-life bakery products.

Trennmittel TR OEL 200

Special Release Agents with Excellent Release Properties

100% plant-based special release agents with excellent release properties …


Cutting Oils

Completely resin-free cutting oil for all dough parts, conical rounders, bread cutting machines and for greasing hoppers. Ensures that all moving metal parts are lubricated homogenously without any build up of resin.