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Managing Director: Sven Grote
Entry in the Commercial Register: HRB 5258
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boyens backservice GmbH
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49479 Ibbenbüren
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Advertising and graphic agency

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Dr. Christoph Hechelmann
Hechelmann Datenschutz GmbH & Co. KG



boyens backservice GmbH makes every effort to ensure that its website is current and that all contents are correct and complete. However, we cannot entirely rule out that errors may arise. boyens backservice GmbH accepts no liability for the topicality, the correctness of information, as well as the completeness of the contents contained on its website. This applies to any possible damage of any type of material or goodwill suffered by third parties caused by the use of this website.


The layout of the homepage, the graphics and images used, the collection and the individual articles are covered by copyright. boyen backservice GmbH reserves all rights or parts thereof, including those from the photomechanical reproduction, duplication and distribution by means of special processes, such as data processing, data carriers and data networks.

Data Protection

Wherever the option of entering any personal information (email address, name, address) exists on the website, such an entry is voluntary. boyens backservice GmbH expressly declares that this information will not be passed on to third parties.

External References and Links

According to the judgement of 12 May 1998, the District Court of Hamburg decided that by inserting a link, a person has to take the co-responsibility for the linked site. According to the District Court of Hamburg, this can only be prevented by explicitly distancing oneself from these contents.

We have created links on our website to other online websites, the content and updating of which does not fall within the control of boyens backservice GmbH. The following applies for all of these links:

“boyens backservice GmbH does not have influence over the design and content of external websites. It therefore distances itself from all external content, even if a link has been created by boyens backservice GmbH to these external websites.”

This statement applies to all links displayed on our homepage and to all content of websites, to which banners or links registered on our site may lead.


This disclaimer is part of the boyens backservice GmbH website. Should individual phrases or parts of text no longer comply in part or in full with legislation currently in place, the remaining parts of this declaration shall still apply.

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