Thermo concept – Shine bright like a Diamond …

Sprayer to glaze – brilliantly appetizing pastries

Improvement of food design

Give your products a brilliant appearance using the Thermo Concept Sprayer

Thermo Concept – Whether it be chocolate-icing, cocoa or fat-based glazing, toppings, fondant, butter, fat, agar-agar, powdered jelly or aspic, with the new Thermo Concept Sprayer you can spray materials that need to be constantly heated or tempered evenly and quickly. Simply fill the heated stainless steel pressure tank (5.7 Litre) and spray your icing or glaze onto your pastries directly after a warm-up phase. The heated material pipes ensure constant product flow enabling you to use it at any time.

For runny materials like liquid butter or powdered jelly use the Thermo Concept Sprayer Airless; for viscous products use the identically constructed Thermo Concept Sprayer Airmix, with optional vaporising air on the spray nozzle.


Thermo Concept Airless


  • Flexible and rapid tank emptying
  • 3.2 KW power heater
  • Easy to operate
  • Thermo Concept Sprayers are also availableas table-top models
  • Dimensions: L x B x H 495 x 460 x 945 mm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • External compressed air is required
  • Connection: 230 V/50Hz/16 Amp
  • Spraying machine with short setup time
  • Temperature digitally adjustable
  • Thermobox for spray gun
  • Heated  material pipe
  • Adjustable pipe temperature
  • Heated 5.7 Litre stainless steel pressure tank
  • No temperature fluctuations

Thermo Concept Airmix

Perfect for

  • butter
  • fat based icings and chocolate glazes
  • all type of sprayable fondants
  • viscous materials which have to kept warm during processing