Thermo concept – Shine bright like a Diamond …

“Top off” your pastries with the Boyens Fondant Thermo Concept Sprayer

“Top off” your pastries

The Thermo Concept gives your products a brilliant market presence

Your high-quality pastries deserve a grand entry – without a lot of effort. Welcome the Boyens Thermo Concept as a new asset into your bakery: Marvellous pastries, a fresh and shiny glaze, a fine and long-lasting shine, your new helper makes all this possible. The Thermo Concept glazing device in compact form, processes all types of fondants and ensures an even spraying result. Apply your fondant just like you would by hand – only much quicker, much more even and effectively. And at same time protect the surface of your pastries. Our Boyens Promise: A consistent, even temperature ensures an even, silky shine of the fondant.

Thermo Concept – the perfect all-in-one glazing, tempering and spray device – offers state-of-the art refinement and highlights the appreciation of your pastries. Quickly set the application quantity – wafer-thin, glassy or a little thicker as well as for surfaces with alternating filigree threads.

Fill the fondant, connect the device to the power supply and compressed air and after a short warm-up phase you can get going. The Boyens Thermo Concept keeps the temperature consistently at 37° C throughout the glazing process. The thermo-electronic flow heater with exact temperature monitoring ensures this. Because the material pipes to the pistol are heated, blocked material pipes are a thing of the past, even after long periods of non-use. And what about the cleaning? Quick and easy with cold water.


Thermo Concept


  • Fondant spraying machine with quick warm-up time
  • Precise digital temperature adjustment
  • Heated material pipe
  • Spraying instead of brushing
  • No damage to the pastries
  • No temperature fluctuations
  • Water bath neither temperature-sensitive and nor prone to wear and tear
  • 5.7 kg heated stainless steel pressure tank
  • 3.2 KW power heater

Thermo Concept with trolley