Special release agent with excellent release properties

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Try out our release agents. Our in-house laboratory also develops special release agents to meet your individual requirements.

Brotschneide Oel SV

Cutting oil SV – Special vegetable-based bread cutting oil for all circular cutting machines and slicers. Effective mould prevention. Optimum viscosity. Completely resin-free and liquid bread cutting oil with perfectly balanced ingredients for the effective prevention of mould formation. Ensures an even thin cutting film on all moving metal parts of the bread machine, guaranteeing optimum cutting results. Very economical to use and easy to dose.

The vegetable-based bread cutting oil SV has been developed in line with the latest food technology findings.

vegetable oil, sunflower lecithin, flavouring, natural antioxidant: extracts with significant tocopherol content

TR Oil 200 – 100% vegetable-based, special release agent for all trays and moulds. Versatile release agent. Leaves no residue and has a neutral taste. Extremely good release properties. Very good adhesive properties. Ideal for trays and moulds, specifically for pastries containing sugar and egg white. Very economical to use. Also available in 30-litre re-usable keg. Economical to spray and easy to dose with our Keg Airless spraying system without generating any mist.

Vegetable oils, thickening agent: carnauba wax, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin