As a further aspect of our comprehensive quality management system, we have established systematic incoming and outgoing checks and a process-supporting, continuous quality check system in our internal laboratory. With the aid of our research and development division, we react immediately and professionally to current analytical issues and customer requests.

Thanks to our modern equipment, we have a broad range of testing technologies available. The characterisation of the raw materials and the quality assurance, with the determination of the chemical, physical, thermal and mechanical properties, are the focus here.

Detailed documentation of all test results offers you absolute security when it comes to the quality of raw materials. As a binding comparable standard, we retain reserve samples and analysis results for you and in so doing, guarantee that the quality of your product can be reproduced at any time.


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  • Incoming and outgoing goods checks
  • Microbiology
  • Sensors
  • Hazardous substances (plant protection agents, contaminants) in food and packaging
  • Specifications
  • Labelling/food legislation
  • Composition/nutritional value
  • Allergens
  • Customer, supplier and quality management audits
  • Sample purchasing in the food trade
  • Competitor analyses

Our certified quality management system guarantees your company a consistent product quality. In this way, we will also be able to look to the future with peace of mind.

Your contact person for any questions on release agents and quality assurance:

Guido Lotte

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Food Technology
Manager Production/QS
Phon: +49 (0)5451-963749
Fax: +49 (0)5451-963747

Your Satisfaction is our Goal

All release agents are entirely plant-based and guarantee to release all sorts of bakery products. They can be used for all moulds and trays.

Release agents from Boyens Backservice can be supplied in a wide range of packaging, from 10 litre cans, to 30 litre kegs, 215 litre drums or in 600 or 1,000 litre containers.

In conjunction with the KEG release agent spraying system, the release agents are completely clean to use and do not result in any loss or mist from the spray. Release agents are available in practical 500 or 600 ml cans for small bakeries or bakery shops.

These are supported by our certifications in the field.

High-quality raw materials and efficient production processes are the basis for premium products. Our release agents are made from pure plant-based natural products and guarantee the residue-free release of all types of bakery products. All BIO release agents are produced from controlled, pure organic raw materials.

We guarantee the consistently high quality of our products thanks to the latest production facilities and continuous quality control on all of the products that we produce. The entire production process is constantly monitored by our in-house laboratory.