Sprühboy 100 AEF-T-M 4 greasing system

developed by professionals and tailor-made to your requirements.

The Sprühboy 100 greasing system is getting up speed.
With our automatic greasing and spraying, you ensure that your baking trays and moulds stay cleaner than ever! The electronic controls ensure that material is used efficiently without any waste! Bread moulds are automatically conveyed using conveyor belts, electronically recognised and sprayed internally in a hygienic and precise manner.

The Sprühboy 100 greasing system is an automatic greasing machine for release agents, vegetable oils and glazing agents. These machines are especially designed for the efficient spraying of moulds and baking trays. Release agents and release emulsions can be applied cleanly and quickly without spray mis

Impurities and crusting that arise when using release agents in a conventional manner can be avoided with its uniform application and the use of release agent is reduced to a minimum. Bread moulds are automatically conveyed using conveyor belts. We offer you special versions in a wide variety of sizes, belt widths and designs. The Sprühboy 100 is also suitable for integrating into existing conveyor systems.


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Automatic greasing and spraying.