Unique bread cutting oil SV in a 1.5 litre canister.

The highly viscous, low-dosage bread cutting oil SV is used in all round knife and cutting grid machines. Perfectly harmonised to the pump systems and lines of the cutting machines, it ensures problem-free transport to the knives and a homogeneous distribution over them.

The result: a continuous, even cut with little excess residue – even with warm bread and a soft crumb.

The new, extremely practical 1.5 litre canister is an added bonus. For many bread cutting machines, the the canister can be simply replaced without tiresome, quality-reducing refilling into old, contaminated containers. Since the consumption of cutting oils in bread machines is low, the packaging units have often proven to be too large. The result: the oil becomes rancid and has to be thrown away. With the 1.5 litre canister, we have found the optimum solution for you – true to our motto.

Special bread cutting oil SV on a vegetable basis for all round knife and cutting grid machines. Effective mould prevention. Optimal viscosity


Effective mould prevention.

The special formula of bread cutting oil SV contains extracts with a high tocopherol content. These natural, purely vegetable antioxidation agents effectively prevent the microbiological infestation of the cutting knife by fungi and bacteria.

In this way, uncompromising quality control is achieved, and the cut bread remains tasty and fresh for a long time.