A glossy appearance with BackGlanz glaze

BackGlanz baking glaze is the perfect alternative to conventional egg washes.

BackGlanz glaze is the perfect alternative to the use of egg washes as glazing or browning agents. BackGlanz glaze is thinly sprayed onto all fully proved pieces of dough or alternatively onto the products after they have been baked. Once applied, the surface of the baked products browns a golden yellow colour and has a wonderfully fresh shine just like you get with an egg wash. BackGlanz glaze produces a constantly even browning and there are no unattractive dark droplets or lines, as is often the case with egg. Simply remove the PE bag from the box, open it, pour BackGlanz glaze into the Sprühboy spray, apply air pressure and off you go.


BackGlanz fix & fertig …

… for golden-yellow browning and a fantastic sheen.


Disadvantages of egg washes

  • Egg is a pasteurised product and the cold chain needs to be strictly adhered to
  • Sensitive, partly hazardous storage
  • Egg is an allergen
  • High consumption as some of the egg is sprayed onto the paper or trays instead of onto the baked products
  • Nozzle blockages
  • Egg washes applied using spray systems can easily produce a slight mist and cause dirt to accumulate on production plant and machinery, with ensuing time-consuming cleaning (risk of salmonella)
  • The constantly rising market price of eggs requires frequent recalculations
  • The increasing demand for eggs from free-range hens is driving up the price of eggs

The benefits of BackGlanz glaze

  • Browning, shine and application are identical to the use of egg washes
  • We recommend spraying BackGlanz glaze onto fully proved dough before baking it or spraying it onto still hot products once baked to achieve even browning and even shine
  • Simply spray on ultra-thinly using our Sprühboy spray machine
  • The result is an even and non-sticky golden yellow glossy finish on your baked products
  • Baking trays and the Sprühboy can be quickly and reliably cleaned
  • Clean Label; GMO-free; allergen-free; contains no E numbers and no preservatives; suitable for vegetarians
  • Very low consumption compared to the use of eggs
  • High level of product safety, fewer critical control points
  • The product can be stored and transported at room temperature
  • Suitable for spraying onto dough products before freezing
  • Suitable for sweet and savoury baked products
  • Simply spray on liquid BackGlanz fix & fertig extremely thinly – Due to the lower viscosity of BackGlanz glaze, the product is ideal for use with all airless nozzles (nozzles that work without atomising air), spray equipment and continuous spray systems; efficient working with minimal cleaning.