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Jelly, Gelee

Spray Systems and jelly

Boyens Backservice – for fast, efficient gelling, application of apricot glaze and glazing with the Jelly Sprayer machine series.


Unifiller dosing systems

Boyens Backservice – for the economical and precise dosing of product masses, fillings and doughs within your bakery – with maximum functionality for a wide variety of applications due to its interchangeable attachments …

Release agent spray systems and release agents

Boyens Backservice – we offer you the Boyens Backservice release agent spraying system for working particularly effectively with release agents.

Boyens Backservice

Boyens Backservice – a vision becomes reality

A vision develops into a plan. A plan becomes reality. And Boyens Backservice turns visions into reality! Whenever the purpose is to develop innovative products for professionals, we are always one step ahead of the market in the service of our customers, developing the optimum solution.

Thanks to our highly motivated staff, whose specialist qualification is based on many years of experience in the field of baking technology, we also regard ourselves as being ideally situated in order to fulfil your requirements for uncompromising quality and reliability. Your requirement is our obligation – our vision becomes reality!

We will be happy to advise you on any questions you might have about our comprehensive product range.

Your team at Boyens Backservice.

The professional release spray

For small bakeries, butcher shops and kitchens

The cooking spray or release spray in its practical 600 ml spray can releases your bakery and meat products cleanly and quickly from all moulds or trays. It is extremely easy and effective to use. Spray the moulds and get started immediately …

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Release spray is our best support. It’s simply essential!


Spraying systems

Our jelly sprayer range of machines allows you to apricot glaze, gelatinise and glaze quickly and effectively.

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Jelly range

In addition to the innovative jelly sprayers, we can offer you a range of jellies that can be optimally adjusted to the workings of your machine.

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Glazing systems

Spraying chocolate, light and dark fat glazes, toppings, fondants, butter, fats, agar-agar, powder jellies, aspic or brawn …

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Spring is fruit time

with an attractive wide range of products and significant competitive advantages.

FINISHING OFF PASTRY is our great passion. Our jelly gives any pastry a unique appearance, masterful taste and perfect cutting consistency, and ensures a shiny display presentation. A shiny display presentation in your sales window contributes to an immediate decision to purchase and is the guarantee of success among our customers. Boyens Backservice turns visions into reality!


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so that every gramme reaches the customer!

Those who know their production processes really well and plan their usage precisely do not leave anything to chance. Manual discharging at various production departments with any resulting product loss and inaccuracies with filling quantities is generally uneconomical and justifies the investment in reliable technology.

The universal piston filler from Boyens Backservice is a customisable automation solution with wide-ranging fields of application for controlling ultra-precise dosing within the food sector.

Whether it’s in the classic bakery and confectionery sector, the delicatessen, sausage and meat product sector or the specialised convenience and trend sector: the universal dosing and portioning machines from Boyens Backservice are always the right solution for the ultra-precise discharging of any type of cold or hot and solid or liquid products!

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That’s what winners look like!

Precise dosage, portioning and weighing.

When you use our dosing machines, you can significantly increase performance and effectiveness when processing fillings or dough masses.

Release agent spray systems

Effortlessly apply release agents with professional technology.

Whether its Airmix or Airless equipment – our release agent spraying systems provide the optimum application of release agent. The equipment is easy to handle, low-maintenance and works cleanly, silently, economically and effectively with low-mist. Make the right decision now for a clean and successful future

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The best of nature

Tested BIO quality, signed and sealed!

Our bio release agents meet the strict requirements for ecologically produced foodstuffs and therefore can be identified with the bio seal from the Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. The ongoing control of the raw material cultivation gives you a guarantee that if bio is stated on the label then it is actually included in the product …

Ideal kitchen spray

Ideal kitchen spray with 100% vegetable oils, for easy, thin spraying of baking moulds and casserole dishes, baking sheets, coated pans, waffle irons, etc. Dissolves everything cleanly and safety from the moulds, making cleaning much easier. Outstanding, golden yellow browning when baking, roasting, steaming and stewing. Low-calorie, neutral taste and highly efficient.

1 can release spray

from Amazon

1 can
release spray

4,70 €

All prices incl. VAT

2 cans release spray

from Amazon

2 cans
release spray

9,50 €

All prices incl. VAT

3 cans release spray

from Amazon

3 cans
release spray

14,25 €

All prices incl. VAT


  • Your bakery products do not bake on or become stuck
  • Good for slim figures
  • No product residues in the moulds
  • Ideal for all baking moulds and casserole dishes, baking sheets, coated pans, waffle irons, etc.
  • Low-calorie, neutral taste and highly efficient
  • 100% vegetable oils, without artificial additives
  • Pure foodstuff
  • Completely neutral taste
  • Particularly easy to work with
  • In a practical 200 ml spray can, it is always ready to use in no time

Release spray – so that nothing gets stuck!

For all silicone baking moulds, baking sheets, waffle irons and casserole dishes. From pure vegetable oil.

A professional release agent for your kitchen, which can be applied sparingly and evenly to grill grates, pans, pots and casserole dishes, offering major advantages. On the one hand, the product’s own taste remains intact thanks to the neutral taste of the release agent. On the other, your product looks perfect due to the residue-free separation from the mould.