Efficiency is our way

In modern chip- and computer-controlled logistics, goods management and commissioning, customer requirements and a very high degree of flexibility are paramount.

The high art of logistics is to plan, coordinate and control all in-house and cross-company flows of goods and information in such a way that we can deliver our raw materials, machines and replacement parts very quickly, and that the goods and products ordered arrive with our customers at the agreed delivery time.

At Boyens, our economic growth and success is not only generated by innovation, research, development, production, technology and sales.

Our service field of logistics and transport services, which comprises the securing of transport, storage, availability, procurement and distribution of all our products, is a key factor.

There are also hidden champions in logistics, who might not be visible in the press every day, but who make a huge contribution in their field. Our secret stars are our entire logistics team and our many helpers led by Benjamin Rahe, who is responsible for our material management and logistics.

Here, there is movement, here what might look impossible is often made possible; here, incredible things are achieved ìjust in timeî, and despite this, our team, even with the latest technological and electronic support, is still dependent on external factors of many different kinds, such as transport companies, increasingly brief time windows for goods acceptance among our customers, building sites, traffic jams and the large amount of traffic on our motorways, which donít always make it easy to deliver the agreed goods at the agreed point in time, and to the agreed location.

Your direct line for any questions connected to your ordered goods. Donít hesitate to contact us.

Benjamin Rahe

The head of material management, commissioning and logistics

Gildestr. 76-80
49479 Ibbenbüren
Telefon: +49 (0) 54 51 – 96 37 46
Telefax: +49 (0) 54 51 – 96 37 47