Sprayglaze the brilliant idea!

Our Sprayglaze from the spray can does not only make your eyes light up but also puts a shine on all kinds of fine pastries.


The unique Sprayglaze gives all fine pastries a fabulous, transparent shine, an elegant appearance and a fine aroma. The Sprayglaze instantly ensures that your bakery products impress with their shine at a first and second glance – appearance sells! Finely coated with Sprayglaze, your sweet yeasted pastries, puff pastries, Danish pastries and other bakery products are protected from drying out and so will stay fresh for much longer –additional impulse sales and an increase in turnover are guaranteed. Our new glaze from the spray can is brilliant, safe and smart to use.

Areas of application:

The ideal solution for artisan bakeries, in-store bakeries, retail bakeries, bakeries in hospitals, TOP-SELLERS in service station shops. Thanks to its ease of use, you can finish off your pastries like the professionals – guaranteed.

Never before has it been so easy: a short burst of Sprayglaze directly onto the hot fine pastry is enough, leave to cool down until the pastry is dry!
The simple and clean handling makes the Sprayglaze a perfect
finishing product.


A perfect finish with Sprayglaze

The benefits for you

  • Always quick to hand
  • A perfect shine 
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Safe to use
  • Protects bakery products from drying out
  • Higher sales
  • Highly efficient and economical
  • No heating, no brushing, no damage to the pastries, no spilling, no dripping
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