Spraying Systems – Sprühboy
Spraying instead of painting

The Sprühboys allow you to apply liquid egg or glazing agent effortlessly with the spray gun technology. Our equipment is suitable for all common liquid egg products and glazing agents. We provide a cleaning adapter for all equipment for the hygienic cleaning of the pipe and spray gun. You can also spray release agent with the Sprühboys.


KEG Release Agent Spraying System

is a closed reusable system. The KEG safeguards the high quality of our release agents for you.

  • Up to 50 % saving compared with the conventional quantity of release agent
  • No mess or long-winded discharging
  • Saving on unnecessary disposal costs
  • Completely silent and with no-mist spray

Industrial Greasing Systems

for the food industry, bakeries and butcher shops.

These machines are specifically designed for the efficient spraying of moulds and baking trays. Release agents and release emulsions can be cleanly and quickly applied without any spray mist.